Cooper Center Teams

Applies economic analysis to the design, implementation, and evaluation of public policy to provide leaders a better understanding of local and regional economies, and emerging issues, such as the transition to clean energy.

Brings the best tools of social science and academic rigor to organizations and researchers across Virginia and nationwide through its full-service survey center that offers customized project design, interviewing, data collection, and analysis.

Conducts practical and policy-oriented analysis of census and demographic data; and communicates rigorous research and its policy implications to decision makers and the general public through meaningful publications and presentations.

Brings together diverse, bipartisan groups with an interest in bettering their communities through a variety of programs for high school and college leaders, first-time political candidates, and community leaders.

Offers leadership development through the Senior Executive Institute, LEAD, and the Treasurers and Commissions certification program, customized training programs, and government support through a range of services.