Savannah Quick

Photo of Savannah Quick
Research Assistant for the Cooper Center

Savannah Quick just finished her third year in Economics at the University of Virginia. She has been accepted into the accelerated Master’s program in Public Policy at the Batten School. 

A Richmond native, Savannah began working at the Cooper Center in February 2018, seeking to  further explore her interest in demographics. She is currently working closely with Meredith Gunter, Director of Outreach for the Demographics Research Group, and Larry Terry, Director of the Weldon Cooper Center, on rural initiatives and resources in Virginia.

She also works as a research assistant at the UVA Environmental Economics Lab. She is passionate about figuring out how to perform more robust research and how to produce the most concrete results.

Outside of work, Savannah is a big comic fan. She also enjoys traveling and is excited to be visiting New York City soon! 

What does public service mean to you?

Public service means doing work for the community to benefit them in ways that they've asked for assistance. We must act according to what the community actually wants or needs.