Dipsikha Thakur

Dipsikha Thakur
PhD+ Intern for the Cooper Center

Dipsikha Thakur is a PhD candidate in English Literature and Language at the University of Virginia. She received her BA in Classics and English Literature from Cambridge University, where she was a Jardine-Matheson scholar. 

Born in Calcutta, India, Dipsikha worked as a journalist for year at Outlook India, a news magazine, after graduating from Cambridge. Wanting to gain more experience in public service and advocacy, she began working at the Cooper Center in May 2019. 

As a PhD+ Intern, she researches contemporary writings, training models, and approaches to reinforcing civility and civil discourse in public life. She will conduct interviews with citizens and local leaders about how civility and civil discourse are conducted in communities and governing bodies.

Outside of the Cooper Center, Dipsikha enjoys watercolor doodling and photography. She hopes to pursue a career in the public sector and in academia. 

What does public service mean to you?

Advocacy that focuses on the community.