Charlottesville Housing Inequality Pt. 1 - Esther Eriksson von Allmen & Blake Rumuly - Episode 16

Episode Summary

In this episode, Media Team Intern Esther Eriksson von Allmen discusses housing inequality in Charlottesville through a historical lens. She examines the role of private real estate developers as well as federal and local public policy in creating the unequal housing market and homeownership rates that we see today. This podcast covers the history of racial covenants, redlining, and urban renewal, drawing from a variety of sources including Richard Rothstein’s bestseller The Color of Law and Paige Glotzer’s How the Suburbs Were Segregated. The expert featured on this show is Demographer Blake Rumuly, from the Weldon Cooper Center's Demographic Research Group.

Other featured works include:

Mapping CVille:

Jordy Yager’s article How Did We Get Here? for Charlottesville Tomorrow:

The Charlottesville Low Income Housing Coalition’s 2020 report The Impact of Racism on Affordable Housing in Charlottesville

Laura Smith’s article for Timeline, In 1965, the city of Charlottesville demolished a thriving black neighborhood

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The New Deal in Virginia by Encyclopedia Virginia

Host/Editor: Esther Eriksson von Allmen Guest: Blake Rumuly Project Manager/Producer: Claire Downey

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