Elizabeth Marshall


Elizabeth joined the Cooper Center in summer 2019 to serve as the Senior Project Coordinator of the Virginia Solar Initiative (VSI). Her job has been to launch VSI, to facilitate the development of stakeholder-engaged guidance, and deliver technical support and resources that enable informed solar policy discussion and policies.

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to the Center’s mission of good governance, equity, and resilience in every Virginia community via my work with VSI."

Elizabeth Marshall was recently accepted into the Virginia Natural Resources Leadership Institute (VNRLI), a professional development program for emerging leaders confronted with Virginia's most pressing natural resource issues and who seek new skills in conflict resolution and collaborative problem-solving.

VNRLI has been recognized by the Virginia Senate for its outstanding efforts to improve the way environmental decisions are made in the Commonwealth. Each year, the program admits a cohort of fellows who have a deep understanding of the impacts and opportunities of pressing natural resources, social, and economic challenges. It is an honor to be accepted into a cohort of leaders recognized for their involvement in natural resource issues and their commitment to move beyond conflict toward consensus building. 

Why are you interested in this particular organization?

I am particularly interested in VNRLI because of its focus on conflict resolution and consensus building as it relates to natural resources and the environment, and to learn more about the challenges and issues related to natural resources in Virginia today. Using a cross-sector approach to building consensus aligns with my philosophy and preferred method of public policy development. This training and collaborative work will complement and supplement my toolbox to help propel Virginia’s clean energy transition.

What are you looking forward to as VNRLI participant?

I am looking forward to meeting and learning from other professionals from across Virginia, particularly around topics that relate to engaging the public in complex problem solving and consensus building. I have a solid foundation in land use planning, design thinking and change management, and I am interested in exploring how those methodologies can contribute to consensus building at a community-wide scale.