Service Day at Stony Point School

Service Day at Stony Point Elementary School

Tracy organized a service day for Cooper Center employees to help get Stony Point Elementary ready for incoming students.

Of Tracy's 38 years at UVA, 15 of them were spent as the Stakeholder Relations and Office Manager at the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership. Tracy began her long career at UVA first as a cashier in the Bursar's office; then in Costing Accounting, which became part of Facilities Management; and finally as a Lease Administrator in A&E Services before joining the Sorensen Institute. 

She took on various responsibilities as a member of the Sorensen team, but what she really enjoyed was the relationships and friendships she developed through the years with donors, board members and the participants of Sorensen's five political leadership program. According to Tracy, "what I loved most about my job was the conversations shared over the years. We have some interesting and talented folks that work at the Weldon Cooper Center." 

Some of her fondest memories or working at the Cooper Center involved the community service projects that she spearheaded, including the book drive for a NoVA low income housing development, volunteering at RAM clinic in SWVA and at two local schools (from painting bookcases to weeding and landscaping), and toy and food drives. "I would like to think at least for a brief time, I helped make a difference," Tracy said. 

She has ambitious plans for her retirement years, including opening an AirB&B with the emphasis on providing a full breakfast for guests and continuing in her photography business, Cloverdale Photography, LLC.