To engage UVA students in policy research and analysis as well as in organizational management and operations within the context of local governing and community service organizations.

Alannah interned for the UVA Repair Lab's Environmental Justice Policy Clinic, assisting with a project aimed to protect Norfolk residents against recurrent floods and climate gentrification.

Dean interned for the Virginia Municipal League, assisting with a range of research projects from budget uncertainty to cannabis legislation. 

Adina interned in the Center for Survey Research at the Weldon Cooper Center, assisting with all stages of the survey research process, from analyzing statistical data to researching survey questions.


Ruth C. and Morton F. Wallerstein established the Morton F. Scholarship Fund at the University of Virginia in 1973 to foster interest and research in Virginia local government. The program is a collaborative initiative between the Virginia Municipal League, the University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, and the UVA Internship Placement program. Advancing the capacities of these organizations to be data-driven, innovative, and impactful is central to the mission of the Weldon Cooper Center and to the Virginia Municipal League.

Program Structure

  • To participate in the internship and receive credit for it, students must register for the required IPP course and pay the tuition and fees. Undergraduate interns will be expected to meet the requirements of the Internship Placement Program and to contribute positively to public service in the Commonwealth of Virginia through their placement.
  • The following positions are typically available:
    • one full-time summer internship placement at the Virginia Municipal League in Richmond (starting at $5,000 in tuition and a $5,000 stipend);
    • two full-time summer internship placements in local governing organizations across the Commonwealth (starting at $2500); and
    • two academic year internship placements in local governing organizations for ten hours per week (starting at $2500 per year).
  • The undergraduate internships are both credit-bearing and paid.


  • You will see, first-hand, the many responsibilities and challenges of working in a local governing organization – from providing safe communities, good transportation, and basic social services to planning for the future of our communities across Virginia.
  • You may be able to work in a government organization, a planning or coordinating organization, or a charitable organization.
  • You may be able to work in your home community, if you are from Virginia, or in a community you’d like to explore.
  • In addition to the instruction and support provided through the IPP course, you will receive attention from Weldon Cooper Center professionals who have worked in research and operations of government for decades.


Students must apply to the UVA Internship Placement Program and be placed in one of the Wallerstein eligible internships. The IPP application is posted in Handshake and indicates on the specific internship postings which opportunities are eligible for the Wallerstein Scholars Program. Complete the IPP application to begin the process.


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More Stories from Wallerstein Scholars

Cassandra interned at the Cooper Center as part of the Media Team learning how to produce podcasts, develop a social media strategy, and create infographics.  

Elli interned for the Cooper Center Sorensen Institute, developing social media posts and op-ed pieces to highlight the accomplishments of Sorensen alumni.

Jewell interned for the Cooper Center Media Team, assisting with a range of social media and communication projects, such as creating audiograms and infographics and taking photos.  

Molly interned for the Water and Energy Management Team in Charlottesville developing materials to help curb water and energy waste as part of the new WE-@-Work initiative.

Henry interned at the Cooper Center assisting with COVID-19-related project—from helping to develop a report for the Virginia Department of Education to participating in the creation of a survey for medical practitioners.

Danielle interned at the Cooper Center as part of the Media Team producing podcasts, creating animations, and taking photos for the Center website.  

Paul interned in the Cooper Center for Economic and Policy Studies, learning how to forecast Virginia electricity demand and analyzing the effects of coal tax credits.