Graduate Stories

Undergraduate Stories

JaVori was a fourth-year student in the College of Arts and Sciences, studying Government and Studio Art, when she completed her internship.

Jamie completed an internship with the Sorensen Institute through UVA's Internship Placement Program. As part of her internship, she helped to recruit students to the High School Leaders Program and developed a  presentation of Sorensen recruitment efforts for Board members.

Thomas worked for the Cooper Center for Economic and Policy Studies on a variety of projects including developing a web application for the SolTax program that allows localities in Virginia to estimate tax revenue by investing in solar.  

Nadezhda worked for the Center for Survey Research on client-based projects as a telephone interviewer and has gained a deeper understanding of survey data collection and ethical practices when conducting surveys.   

Alexis worked for the Cooper Center for Economic and Policy Studies, Energy Transition Initiative, creating visualizations for an energy dashboard and simulating ways to supply Virginia's electricity demand with renewables.   

Danielle interned at the Cooper Center as part of the Media Team producing podcasts, creating animations, and taking photos for the Center website.  

Paul interned in the Cooper Center for Economic and Policy Studies, learning how to forecast Virginia electricity demand and analyzing the effects of coal tax credits.