Graduate Stories

As an intern for the Center for Survey Research, Eli worked on a wide variety of surveys ranging from a survey about local governments' solar power initiatives here in Virginia to a survey about colorectal cancer in Appalachia.  

Sidney interned with the Cooper Center Communications Team, contributing her excellent writing talents to multiple projects across the Center, from social media posts to website content to the Cooper Center Impact Report. 

Hexuan interned for the Center for Survey Research contributing to a range of projects, including serving as the lead analyst on a social mission preferences survey, and as a project coordinator on numerous surveys from food security to cancer pain management in Nepal.

David interned for the Center for Economic and Policy Studies implementing methods for making the Center's research and software tools more accessible and easier to deploy, and assisting with a project on direct carbon air capture technology.

Megan was a graduate research assistant in the Demographics Research Group contributing to several important reports, including one on childhood poverty and another on low-wage employment. She also authored several posts on the StatChat web series.

Rebecca interned with the Demographics Research Group, co-authoring blog posts, collaborating with other researchers on client-based projects, and assisted with other projects, including developing a customer satisfaction survey. 

Ilma interned with the Cooper Center Communications Team, assisting with the Cooper Center newsletter, creating graphics for social media, and analyzing the Center's social media performance. 

Kevin interned with the Economic and Policy Studies Team, contributing his research talents to the Energy Transition Initiative. In particular, he analyzed the solar development permitting process in Virginia to determine ways to streamline the process, and published a report of his findings. 

Shayne has worked as a research analyst for the Center for Survey Research since his first year at UVA assisting with all phases of a survey research project, including serving as the designated ArcGIS expert for CSR.

Laura was a research assistant for the Center for Survey Research assisting with the creation, implementation and analysis of the Survey of Undergraduate Research, the BeHeardCVA community survey and the UVA Climate survey.

Gopal interned with the Weldon Cooper Center researching community leadership and assisting with the development of a workshop for strengthening the skills of local leaders in Southwest Virginia. 

Laura interned with the Center for Survey Research working in all aspects of survey work from drafting survey instruments and programming them into Qualtrics, to analyzing data, to conducting interviews and participating in client meetings. 

Undergraduate Stories

Alannah interned for the UVA Repair Lab's Environmental Justice Policy Clinic, assisting with a project aimed to protect Norfolk residents against recurrent floods and climate gentrification.

Dean interned for the Virginia Municipal League, assisting with a range of research projects from budget uncertainty to cannabis legislation. 

Adina interned in the Center for Survey Research at the Weldon Cooper Center, assisting with all stages of the survey research process, from analyzing statistical data to researching survey questions.

Ellis completed an internship with the Cooper Center Media Team through UVA's Internship Placement Program. As part of his internship, he helped to create video trailers and an infographic for the Center's podcast series.

Darnisha completed an internship with the Sorensen Institute through UVA's Internship Placement Program. As part of her internship, she helped to design programs to engage alumni throughout Virginia. 

Cassandra interned at the Cooper Center as part of the Media Team learning how to produce podcasts, develop a social media strategy, and create infographics.  

Kim worked for the Cooper Center for Survey Research as a research assistant on a range of projects from writing methods reports to doing statistical analysis to learning how to be an interview caller. 

Elli interned for the Cooper Center Sorensen Institute, developing social media posts and op-ed pieces to highlight the accomplishments of Sorensen alumni.

Jewell interned for the Cooper Center Media Team, assisting with a range of social media and communication projects, such as creating audiograms and infographics and taking photos.  

Derek Yang was a rising third-year undergraduate in the College of Arts and Sciences, studying Foreign Affairs & Economics (with a minor in Chinese), when he completed this internship.

Manan was a fourth-year student in the Frank Batten School, studying public policy and leadership, when he completed this internship.

Lauren completed an internship with the Cooper Center Energy Transition Initiative. She worked primarily on helping to develop the Clean Energy Dashboard for the Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy.

Sarah completed an independent study on solar energy with the Energy Transition Initiative. She conducted extensive research, wrote several reports, and participated in an energy policy simulator project.

Molly interned for the Water and Energy Management Team in Charlottesville developing materials to help curb water and energy waste as part of the new WE-@-Work initiative.

Savannah worked for the Demographics Research Group on numerous projects from assisting with a report on the demographic impact of the Civil War to helping to develop a blog post on fertility trends in Virginia.

Henry interned at the Cooper Center assisting with COVID-19-related project—from helping to develop a report for the Virginia Department of Education to participating in the creation of a survey for medical practitioners.

Christine was a second-year undergraduate student in the College of Arts and Sciences, studying Marine Biology, when she completed her internship.

Thomas was a third-year undergraduate student in the College of Arts and Sciences, studying History and Foreign Affairs, when he completed his internship.