Elli McGovern headshot

Elli interned for the Cooper Center Sorensen Institute, developing social media posts and op-ed pieces to highlight the accomplishments of Sorensen alumni.

“My work with Sorensen has reminded me that powerful public service work begins on the community level. Working together on this level allows people to see how much they share in common rather than focusing on larger scale political differences."

Elli McGovern

Sorensen Communications

Elli was a rising fourth-year undergraduate student completing a double major in Batten and Global Public Health when she completed this internship.

Why did you choose the Wallerstein Scholars Program?

I chose to intern through the Wallerstein Scholar Program because I am passionate about public service and have loved my time working with different and valuable nonprofits since I was in high school. 

What projects did you work on as a Wallerstein Scholar?

As a Wallerstein Scholar, I worked with the communications team for the Sorensen Political Institute.  I drafted social media posts for different Sorensen programs and events and drafted op-ed notes highlighting the accomplishments of different alumni in the bipartisan business space.

What was your favorite part of the internship?

I enjoyed learning more about Sorensen’s programming and working on op-eds and social media graphics that shared the Institute's work and values with the public.

What did you learn as a result of this internship?

From my experience, I learned that knowing how to share a message in the political communications environment is just as important as knowing what message one wants to share. The language and the platform used will deeply impact the way that it is received and who it is received by. 


Would you recommend the Wallerstein Scholars Program to future students?

I would recommend the Wallerstein Scholars Program to future students as the opportunity has allowed me to better understand public service and the role of the community in positive political change. It has allowed me to find hope in what can often be a highly divisive and negative political space.