SEI class participants

SEI and LEAD Programs

The Cooper Center plans to hold in-person LEAD classes this fall with a full slate of in-person LEAD and SEI programs in 2022. Please check back as we update our calendar.  To apply, please visit the SEI application page or the LEAD application page. We are currently offering virtual programs in September and November.



Our programming is dedicated to both professional and personal leadership development designed specifically by and for local government leaders. Included will be the local government leadership staples—leaders at all levels, team development, creating learning organizations prepared for change, engagement as a lens and tool for motivation, connection before content, and the purpose of public service. We will also have a new focus on curriculum for inclusive leadership with dedicated sessions on equity and inclusion. Our goal will be to help local government leaders develop the skills necessary for personal, professional, organizational, and community success. While continuing to deliver the quality programs that you expect from us, our new approach will be to arm you with action plans which are relatable and easy to put into practice. We want to help build a bridge between the important leadership work that you’ll do at SEI and LEAD and the critical leadership work that you do in your organizations and communities.

High School Leaders program participants

Sorensen Political Leadership Programs

The Sorensen Institute will have a busy summer and fall in 2021 delivering an array of programs designed to foster effective leadership in the Commonwealth of Virginia in politics, government, and communities. Learn more about Sorensen programs or visit the Sorensen application page.

Sorensen’s Director, Larry Roberts, appreciates the “very positive attitudes of Sorensen program participants who met challenges posed by the pandemic.” He recently returned from in-person program sessions in Danville and Martinsville. “It’s exciting to once again be able to experience all that the different regions in Virginia have to offer.”  

  • Political Leaders Program: Applications for Sorensen's 2022 Political Leaders Program will be accepted between Labor Day and early November 2021. Information about the Program can be found at Sorensen’s 2021 Political Leaders Program will begin in August with three days of programming in and around Williamsburg. The program will have nine sessions in regions around the Commonwealth between August and December. 
  • High School Leaders Program: Sorensen’s 2021 High School Leadership Program kicked off on July 12 with a virtual format including 35 students from across the Commonwealth studying Virginia history, government, and public policy process. 
  • 22nd Century Scholars Program: Sorensen’s college program for 2021, the 22nd Century Scholars, began a three-week virtual program on July 6. This year, the scholars are studying transportation policy and leadership in Virginia. The program speakers include Virginia’s Secretary of Transportation as well as government and private sector leaders in the field. 

Special in-person programs in Richmond during July 2021 are supplementing 2020 virtual programs for last year’s Political Leaders Program and High School Leaders Program participants. 

Eric Maybach, Commissioner

Certification Programs for VA Commissioners and Treasurers

Housed in the Virginia Institute of Government, the Certification Program provides career development and certification opportunities for Treasurers and Commissioners in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Through this program, constitutional officers can gain the skills and knowledge to more effectively serve their constituency.

Pictured left: Eric Maybach, Commissioner of Revenue, County of Fauquier, VA